Throughput on CN pilot e510 with 200mbps ISP

Have setup e510 with 200mbps dedicated isp
client at max is around 22-28 users average but not everyday
I’m getting my peak 42mbps at throughput and my upload is at 19mbps tops as recorded


and I realised that maybe there is something wrong
I swapped with another e510 unit
imgetting 24mbs at thought on just 4 clients browsing ant streaming and my top upload rate is 18mbps

maybe a software or hardware glitch or anything,

please I need some ideas and advices…
thank you

How are you measuring thruput? Just through cnmaestro?

What are your client signals at? Have you determined if you’re having this issue on 2.4 and 5ghz.

If your signals look good then I would anticipate a network issue. Bad ethernet? Did you test at the switch port that your AP plugs into?

Show your radio settings page as well for 5ghz.

Hold the alt - option on your keyboard and click the wifi button. Paste that information here as well.

yes just on cnmaestro
clients are at just 15m radius only
furthest client is 75dbm
nearest is 40 dbm

do you have any other app that can be used to measure throughput?

thank you

I would use iperf to check speed to a local server.

Do your clients have high modulation?

thanks fo that
the purpose of the setup is to be used on zoom more likely and on youtube
at a maximum of 22 clients per day sometimes up to 28
I used portal for the vouchers and allotted 7mbs upload and 7mbps download rates

set this up for a month now
but I swapped the e510 just yesterday
and performance has changed from the average of 4 clients usage at 32mbps at throughput via cnmaestro
before I’m getting 32mbs at 15-20 clients usage
im just curious on its performance and behaviour

in addition the old ap e510 have weird behaviour it has been resetting/rebooting itself even on live operation it says power cycle by watchdog
my firmware version for that ap r4 on my new e510 3.11.3. r7

this is the first time I encountered an ap rebooting by itself without scheduled reboot initiated

maybe I missed somehow on my configs?

Maybe, if you really think you have an issue you should submit a ticket with support about it. You haven’t answered a bunch of my questions though so I think you have a problem not related to hardware

I have local tech support
but neither them could not identify where to tick options for watchdog,
so they sent me another unit to test and differ its performance and behaviour
today is day 1 on monitoring it, I just don’t know the results yet

thank you on your time,
if some things went up ill keep it posted here
thanks mate

and I have set up the cleanest channel on 2.4 and 5ghz
no overlapping or interference

should I reduce tx power or antenna gain?

“Hold the alt - option on your keyboard and click the wifi button. Paste that information here as well.”
sorry I am not onsite today I’m just looking at it on cnmaestro :slightly_smiling_face: