Throughput on cnWave 5G FWA

Release Notes for System Release 3.0 mention that Downlink throughput (MU-MIMO DL grouping 6)=1500Mbps for 112 MHz channel size. I would expect larger Downlink throughput comparing with the 450m (see below) due to larger channel size.

In “Cambium_Networks_data_sheet_5GHz_PMP_450m.pdf” I see throughput=more than 1.2 Gbps
in a 40 MHz channel.


One key difference between cnWave 5G FWA and the 450m is that 5G fixed uses a single polarisation 112 MHz channel, while the 450m does use both polarization 40 MHz channel.

A smaller contributor to the over spectral efficiency is the in 112 MHz, the maximum MU-MIMO grouping is 6 with the current release (it is 8 in 50 and 56 MHz, but 6 in 112 and 100 MHz) while it is 7 for the 450m.

Hopefully this explains the difference.

Thanks for your reply.
Do you have plans to support both polarizations is cnWave 5G FWA or it is a limitation related to 5G FWA in general?


In the current 5G Fixed product, the decision of supporting one polarization was driven by the cost of the mmWave RF front-end when the project was conceived, as adding a second chain would have made the product too expensive.
Since then, we have started seeing the 5G NR mmWave chipset cost reducing and I expect all upcoming Fixed 5G solutions will be supporting both polarizations.