Ticketing and billing software

Hello everybody.
I’m sure this has been answered before but what software would you guys recommend to handle billing and ticketing among other wisp day to day activities that can be made easier with software. I know there’s tons out there. I really would like to hear of some people’s experiences with any software and why they would recommend it.thank you

I forgot to mention we have a little over 200 customers.


We are using Sonar and so far is the best software after trying few out there.

Sonar support is great and also very affordable.

You can find more info at http://www.sonar.software

The other one is Powercode, its ok, but you need to but the BMU unit they have in order to do rate limiting at the edge, so it has his limitations.

Powercode support is great too.

There is also Wispmon, but I will stay away from this one, its windows based, and support is the worse I ever seen.


playpus by tucows. not as pretty as some but feature rich and top notch support.


+1 for Sonar we are using it and its great. 

I am going to look into this Sonar. We have been using Desco ESC, but are moving away from it to Splynx

(honestly though i freaking hate Splynx ticketing system though, do like the statistics in data usage monitors)

We currently use Platypus but we bought it back in 1999 or some time before they charged you "per user" so our license allows us to use it just for the purchase price, no paying per user.  If we had to buy (Rent) it today I would not go with plat there is simply to much it doesn't do well or at all and every time you have them make it do something you need it to do it screws up something else .

The way it does rates and services and billing is kind'a weird, I've never really been able to wrap my brain around it.   Also weird that while Plat is very centered around metered billing (something we don't do) there is very little in the way of usage reports and even though plat has a great many reports it can generate they are almost all either not useful to a modern wisp or don't work. For example Plat has 2 radius reports to see usage but the reports just spin forever and time out even if you are just trying to get the usage of a single user, no way to get a list of top users or anything based on usage really even thought it's geared around usage based billing...

There are a lot of things about plat that don't seem to make a lot of sense ... 

I'm not a big fan of anything that makes me pay per user unless it's a service that exists primairly on the their system. For example I could see paying for email on a per customer basis since the email provider is providing a service directly to my customer but Plat  does not exist at all on Tucows system everything exists on our end. 

I haven't had the time to really research alternate solutions yet but I think sometime in the next year we will be looking to replace plat and I'm really hoping something like FreeSide ISP Billing will be a good solution.