time on displayed pages not the same as configured

We use the throughput monitor on APs and SMs to manually check consistency when a client is having issues (we do this when they have described the issue and use it to verify the individual connection isnt overloaded, which has happened due to a very chatty malware incident)

The main problem is that our local time which is setup in the general page is not propgated to any other page. the UTC timezone shown without indicator has made us accidently misinterpret this information a number of times. We use NTP to sync all the clocks on our network devices and we send the offset with the ntp messages. This ensures our syslog servers have correct and accurate logs and time maniplulation does not need to happen. We currently have had to make our syslog servers add a premessage timestamp to the message so that the difference is know but this does not help with displayed pages.

The feature change requested is that all pages and messages from the epmp hardware use the configured time and timezone offset to display and report syslog messages in the configured time and not in UTC.

Hi Douglas,

Thank you for reporting this.

We already have internal ticket opened for similar issue for Minotor -> Throughput Charts page.

We will check all other pages and prepare fix.

Thank you.