[TIP] Best patch panel PoE for Cambium

Hi guys,

i'm here again!

This time i'm looking for some tips, because i've to power multiple EMP (with GPS Sync and not) and i want to do that with a PoE Patch Panel.

I've searched on the net but i cannot find something useful.

Maybe some of you have found a solution for this.

Thank you guys and best regards to all of you!

Hi Baleno,

We just use the switches from Netonix.


They work great for us, though if using the 6 port outdoor make sure you use a ventilated enclosure as they can overheat otherwise.

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The mini can be use without venting the case (netonix sell a none vented case for it) but every other model should be vented.

Not sure exactly what you are asking for but we use packetflux a lot:


we use a mix of home-grown and packetflux gigabit injectors. the dual power supply ability is a nice touch as you can mix equipment easily by changing jumpers and we have a mix of canopy, epmp and 802.3af/at devices at our towers.

the home-grown is simply for the the 100Mbps and lower equipment that use pairs 4/5 and 7/8 to power. These are built using a patch-pannel for the rack and using adjacent or vertically aligned ports wiring the appropriate pairs to a power strip. Yes its a hack, but it works very well and I have yet to have a problem. I can source from my batteries directly and save up to 20% battery run time this way. I use a 48v battery system with two 24v chargers to keep the balance on the batteries. I note that it is very imparitive that you know how much load you are using from each 24v set and keep it closely balanced or your 48v devices will suffer shorter run time. For a 200mA difference, 10mins of run time lost, this gets worse the larger the spread.

I like the packetflux injectors because even non-gps capable epmp radios can receive timing by cmm3/4 or equivelant and thus we use them to time force200 units. These are way cheaper than the cmm's and can be mounted in a similar case should you need to. We mount ours to a 2U slide out rack shelf and they work nicely.