Too long of WPA password causes AP to "break"

I was creating a test ptp in my office and wanted to use WPA password created out of bogus characters, upper, lowercase, symbols and what what-not. When I when to reboot the AP it of course changed it’s IP to from the SM and responded to a total of about 15 pings before it timed out. I had to factory default the device in order to get back in. Once I was in I made the changes, saved, rebooted and same thing happened. I thought my radio was hosed and grabbed another radio to test with and the problem still persisted.

At this point I figured it was my config so I made 1 change, saved settings, rebooted and all was good. Made another change saved changes, rebooted and all was good etc. etc. Then got to the WPA password, copied, confirmed saved changes and POOF everything went down the tubes. The same problem happened and I was locked out having to reset to get access again.

For my solution I lowered the number of characters and took out symbols and uppercase characters not knowing what was the cause of the issue.

So just make sure your WPA password is not along the lines of “1S4D5DS@#$%ad#sf%aqr&e$wc53gv” or your AP may need a factory reset in order to obtain access again.

Oh, forgot I should mention, using 2.1 official release software on my OSX Mavericks computer and same issue happened with Windows XP Pro VM. Routed the two radios through some Mikrotik routers so i don’t have all the plugging and unplugged and was able to see the speeds of the ptp ePMP radios.


We would recommend you contact support and open a case. It is possible it is a bug.

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