Too many customers on AP?

What stats would I want to look at on the APs to see if I’ve got too many packets trying to be sent through? Essentially do I have too many customers requesting bandwidth.

put all of your AP’s on some sort of mrtg graphing system.

With a program like cacti (free monitoring program) you can monitor all of your AP’s/BH’s and see their through put graphed for upload/down, subscribers registered, temp, etc

I don’t think there is a way to monitor PPS. You’d need something like a Mikrotik unit to track that stuff. The only thing I know you can track is IN/OUT bandwidth on the SMs, APs, and BHMs, BHSs.

Cacti will allow you to graph PPS on the ethernet interface.


Any ap is reaching its capacity when the ping times (form ethernet) start to go up…could be the type of trafic(voip, video, etc)

Select the ethernet interface, go to the drop down, pick from erros/discards or nonunicast or unicast.

I monitor all three.

Ok I have 3 more grafics… I have to sum all of them to have te total PPS the AP is handling right?

Nope, for PPS just look at the Unicast and Non-Unicast. The other graph will show ethernet errors, if any.

And what would you classify as the norm for a normal to large amount of P2P traffic?

How many PPS?