touchy radios 900 read this its wierd

SO! back again with some strange things going on in my 900 network.

the radios quit working usually in the evening or in the early morning. THEN all you have to do is touch it…litterally touch it and the radio begins to work again. and with good aim stats as well like -60 jitter of 1 so…has anyone seen anything like this before. I am looking into the tempature of a radio that i just repaired in this manner because it does get close to zreo this time of year here.

When it is not working, have you verified power,link,etc LEDs??

We have had SMs out for four years now and it is not uncommon for the temps to be near zero and many times below zero and we have never had this issue.

these are just less than a year old and i can log into them locally and see a “registering” status