Tough Install in Spain Made Easy by cnHeat

The following installation was made easy using cnHeat.

A subscriber module needed to be installed at the street corner as indicated by the red arrow in the cnHeat heat map below.  This heat map is done with subscriber modules being 1 foot / .3 meter off the ground / buildings.  But, there is no signal at this height at this location as indicated by a lack of coverage from the heat map.

1 Foot / .3 Meter Heat Map Indicating No Coverage

Yet, the cnHeat heat map with the subscriber modules 16 foot / 5 meter above the ground / building indicates that coverage can be made at the location.

16 Foot / 5 Meter Heat Map Indicating Coverage

The customer following cnHeat's guidance added a small mast on the streetlight to make the 16 foot / 5 meter height and was able to get Line of Sight (LOS) with the AP.

Subscriber Module Mounted on Street Pole Using a Mast to Reach 16 Feet / 5 Meter as Indicated by cnHeat