Tower contracts

Does anyone have a standard contract for placing equipment on someone else’s tower? Any points i should be sure to address in writing one?

Are you the owner of the tower or are you going to co-locate on a tower?

Things to consider:
Number of antennas and size
Radios integrated into the antenna or seperate? (How much space will the whole thing take up?)
Wind load ratings of equipment
Mounting hardware used (No cheap components, must be quality hardware)
Power usage (Most stuff you need to spec at 100% duty cycle, i.e. Canopy gear always has a carrier present so power draw is typically 100%/100%)
Method of running cable up tower
Tower work contractor has at least $1-Million insurance policy and certified climbers, minimum of two men/job, but this depends on the job
Requirements for basic tower worker safety (harnesses, worker clothing, etc)

Site rent is usually determined by quantity of antennas, radios and how much space they take up, plus power draw. Power draw is especially critical on sites that are not fed via commercial power (Solar, wind, or generator or any combination of power generation). It takes time and money to keep these kinds of sites running.

Exclusivity of tennants? Charge a premium for those that want to be the only wisp on the site.

Expecations of uptime and if there is downtime due to circumstances controlled by the leasee, expected response time. Factor in things like can you get to the site easily in bad weather or other things.

i have a site agreement but there is no mention of towers. what i have is lawyer approved. i will put it at

if you want a copy you can edit please send me a private message and i will provide you with that copy. however you are 100% responsible for the contract and i would suggest you have it reviewed by your lawyer