Tower Height with 900MHz and 11dbi

I am using the Canopy 900MHz on two different towers. This is what I’ve been getting.

On the 120’ tower with 9dbi gain horizontally polarized, 16 miles, 30’ HAG.

On the 200’ tower with 11dbi gain vertically polarized, 16 miles, I need at least 55’ HAG.

An RF engineer told me that I might be shooting the AP signal over the SM. With the 11dbi antenna (7 degree beamwidth) it is too high. Would it be worth the time to lower the antenna?

I am using 13dbi gain yagis on both SM’s. Thanks.

Both of your antennas need to be either both vertically polarized or both horizontally polarized… they can’t be mismatched like you have them now. You’re talking at least a loss of 30db if you do this.

Or am I just misreading this and you’re trying to pick up a vertically mounted AP and a horizontally mounted AP with like-mounted SM’s?

be sure your antennas are vertically mounted. a little tilt can shoot signal either into the air or ground. do you have line of sight below 30 and 50 ft?
if you have 7 deg of beamwidth, you should be fine out past 1-2 miles unless as I said above you are directing it other than in a horizontal plane.

3 degree downtilt hits the ground at about 2 miles out from 100 feet.

A professional tower installer put up the anteanna. I’m planning on climbing the tower again when the weather gets better. I’m going to check the connection on the antenna, check the antenna to ensure that it is plumb, and put a band pass filter on.

I just thought that with an 11dbi at 200’, and a subscriber at 16 miles with a 13dbi yagi, the signal should be better than 1050. The subscriber is mounted on a 40’ telepost on a 18’ roof. I’m a bit disappointed with the range.

On my 120’ tower, I have a subscriber at 16 miles with a 13dbi yagi on the roof and they get a good signal. This AP is on a horizontal 9dbi omni antenna. I don’t get it.

that sounds about right according to what we’re seeing

Is there a 900Mhz Integrated w/filter that is Horizontally polorized?