Tower Standoffs for Towers

What are people using for inexpensive stand offs when attaching to a self-supporting tower and monopole?


I had pretty much the same question - examples (with photos) of how people are hanging 4 Sector antennas on a 3 sided tower?

Most of our towers are relatively light duty Trylon T200-96's  or Delhi Commercial Guyed towers (Wade Antennas) - so they are relatively light duty and have done fine for 3 sectors on each leg or on each face of the triangular tower. However, I'd be interested to see some sharing on how people have mounted 4 secotors to a 3 sided tower. :)

I just built my own using some angle iron and a few u bolts. They work really good and cost me less than $40 all together.

Here's a couple examples of what I've made.




Those look great Ken.  I've used unistrut also for a similar configuration.  It makes it conventient, because you can find a solid U bolt to strap around each tower leg, and slide the pole(s) side ot side in the unistrut.

For ABAB on two sides of a tower we have started using 1/2 a RF Armor 4 gang (90degree) cluster mount .  We have to scavenge half clamps to go on each half but it works very well for us (the below half clamps we took off a couple of WB M-tows.  The RF Armor cluster mounts work with Ubiquiti and, until the most recent sectors, KPP sectors.  Would probably also work with the 3 sector cluster mounts also.