Town Wi-Fi Project Finished! (Swapped from UniFi Outdoor+)

Hello there, Conifer Communications just thought we'd share our free town Wi-Fi project we just updated from UniFi outdoor+ units to all E500s.

We use a PTMP setup using PMP450 5.8ghz to get our bandwidth across the town, and then PoE passover power them using the E500s.

We are loving the swap so far, getting 40+mbps just about everywhere in town. In the tough areas inbetween Wi-Fi nodes, were still getting anything from 5 to 25 mbps, which is a huge step up from UBNT's products.

Heres so pictures for fun, thanks again Cambium!


Hello Jason, that's nice!

You decided to offer free wifi or is a partnership ?

Its my hometown, so we decided to go free for the folks.

Great to see PMP450 and cnPilot E500 being used together. Are you also using cnMaestro to manage them? PMP support in cnMaestro is currently in beta, or you could wait another week for it to be officially released.


Thank you for sharing.  What is the range for each access point?  Have you tried to mesh the access points?


The range is pretty decent with my andriod phone I was amazed with the range, I have noticed they are a little less then UniFi AP's, buuuut they actually work correctly.

I used to get phantom bars from UniFi gear all the time, which drove me mad! >_<;

I havent used meshing yet on cambium gear, each wireless AP is connected to our PMP AP and getting DHCP staight from the CPE.

I can honestly say its been a night and day difference going from UniFi to E500s. Highly Recommended!

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