Traffic Priority for Facebook, Messenger and Viber

Does anyone have an example of set up a Traffic Priority on client device for Facebook, Messenger and Viber?

Thank you.

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All three of these services use SSL… I don’t think you can do any port or packet based traffic shaping on ePMP tho.

You’ll need something that can do predictive DPI… maybe SandVine/Procera or Saisei?

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These are carried on https with video calls also taking an rtsp stream.
Not that it isnt possible but care to drop a $3k device at your clients to do this?

Best client side you can do is use voip priority and dscp enabled, then honor the clients dscp values (not a good idea if you have clients that are always trying to get better priority and speeds, think wannabe hacker kids that just have to try anything). We do traffic shaping/policing/prioritizing at the tower router before we send the data to our gateways, making sure voip and rtsp services skip the queue ahead of less time sensitive traffic has mitigated a lot of the complaints of choppy calls but at the expense of more capable routers per tower.

Thank you.
What routers you using on tower? What is config for QoS?

We are using cisco everywhere. Our smallest tower uses an old c3825 and a wc-2960s-24, our largest tower has a c7206vxr and the same switch. Gateways are a mix between c3945 (upstream provided) and a lone asr1002. Each routers config is different than the next but use of policy-maps and carefully crafted ACLs works well.

On the SM under config, QOS, enable traffic priority, voip priority and if you use multicast services then enable multicast priority. Leave the rest defaults.
Nothing to do on the AP, it just acts as a bridge.

Sharing our router configs or even snippets wont really help you as our network is not setup the same as yours and may break things very badly for you.


Stay tuned and look forward to our future announcements.
We will have something interesting on that front soon.

Thank you.


Hey Fedor,

How about a sneak peak? Pm me if you can!