Traffic shaping a specific port on cnmatrix Ex 2028

Hi all, just looking to traffic shape a port on a cnmatrix 2028 to allow specific download and upload speed to go through said port.  Looking at the QOS settings and Im not sure how to do that.  Any help would be appreciated!


cnMatrix can be configured to throttle the download (traffic egressing a port) and upload (traffic ingressing a port) speed. Here's an configuration example to limit the download and upload rate to 10Mbps on port 6.


The rate-limit command throttles the download speed.

The meter throttles the upload speed.

config t

mac access-list extended 1
permit any any

interface gig 0/6
mac access-group 1 in
rate-limit output rate-value 10000 burst-value 1

meter 1
meter-type srTCM cir 10000 cbs 10485760 ebs 10485760

class-map 99
match access-group mac-access-list 1
set class 99

policy-map 99
set meter 1 violate-action drop
set policy class 99