Training: cnHeat 2.1 - BDC Reporting

Training for cnHeat 2.1 has now been released on the Cambium Learning portal.

You can enroll in the course with the link below.

Training Overview

  1. Reviewing all site/radio information in cnHeat for accuracy
  2. Running link budget calculations
  3. Processing Subscription Data in cnHeat.
  4. Processing polygon Availability Data in cnHeat.
  5. Compiling data in preparation for filing.
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FYI link is broken @Seth_Poche

It works for me?

Can you try going to just

Once you are logged into the Learning Portal trying revisiting the link above. Let us know if that does not work.


Interesting, I’ll fire up a VPN and try again. Incognito mode gave me the same results even when trying your link you posted.

@JoeG, if you are still having problems with this, please could you try updating your address details here (in particular your country and state):

…and then logging back in to the LMS using this link:

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you @Simon_King . I did not have my address info filled out there. I filled that all out, logged out, logged back in but same problem. Incognito mode and different browser also failed.

I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve passed the message on to the people who manage the training site. Hopefully they’ll be able to resolve the problem quickly.

@JoeG can you send me your email address? I will also open a ticket on this.
It should be working when you log into then trying


@JoeG we figured out your issue you were inactive from not logging into Cambium Learning since 2020. You should be able to log in now following the above instructions. Let us know if you have any issues. Have a great day!

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Thanks everyone, everything is working great now!

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