Training for PTP 820

Can someone from Cambium reach out to me for PTP 820 training, i want to do some instructor lead training for my team (not shared with others on the session) either on site or virtual should be fine. We have a few hundred of these links going in and I want to get some training for my team asap. The online Learning system just says no course available check back. But gives me no contact info to “TALK” to someone about training, what we need, how it would work, quote, etc.

Greeting Jak,

Please reach out to us at Please provide your contact details and we will be gladly assist you with your training needs.


Neil M.

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emailed no response yet.


My name is Bradley Schubert and I am the Instructional Designer for Cambium Networks. How can I help you with the 820/850 training? you can reach me directly at

Bradley S.

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Hi Jak,

Thank you. We’ll follow up with you shortly.

Neil M.

Thanks guys, reaching out directly now.

Hello Jak,

Hopefully someone has helped you out, if you’re in Asia Pacific I can help out; but I would assume someone has already assisted,