Transition from UBNT to Cambium

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As a small WISP you know it may be hard to simply up and replace equipment to another manufacturer. While UBNT was able to offer low cost equipment to expand my network into new communities it certainly was hurting my bottom line. I was plagued by buggy firmware that made the service reliability and performance very bad. Service was so bad that my customers were lucky if they even had 3 mbps on off peak hours. Adding an UBNT AC AP did not help, on the contrary it made matters worse. 

This is when I began to search for other options. I looked into mimosa but the equipment just seemed too expensive for my budget and no track record of success since it's a new company. Finally I began reading into Cambium Networks and the key words kept up popping up. Reliability, Predictable, Customer Support, Extensive Testing. I even watched the entire series of videos posted on youtube that talked about GPS Sync, TDD, Etc. 

Check Out The Series Here

This led me to purchase all new equipment for a community that was in trouble. My results were seamless and predictable. Every single CPE got the speeds I have on that circuit (50 Mbps). Ping times were stable on the 75/25 split and customers have recommended 5 new customers in the first month of having the new equipment installed. I found myself having a hiccup with the ePMP AP but once I got on the phone I was able to talk to an engineer and we fixed the issue without any rush through procedures.

I used the existing UBNT Omni, ePMP 1000 with GPS Sync, and Force 180's as CPE's. Below are some pictures from that rollout. I'm looking forward to the next one!






Screenshot (41).png

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great story!!!

fun fact.... you can neatly fit 58 NSM radios into 1 empty cambium cartoon to save on space sending them elsewhere.