Transitioning to ePMP: 5 Tips for Success Webinar Replay

The Transitioning to ePMP: 5 Tips for Success webinar replay is now available without registration HERE.
If you have any questions or comments, please post them in this thread.

What's with the ridiculous player?  I'd like to a) download the video and b) skip forward in the video.  Not to mention that the resolution is really a strange choice making it only viewable through full screen.

Ray... for the 10th time.... could you please have whomever makes this video make them using a higher resolution. I want to force whomeever makes this videos to watch them in a continous loop for a week ala Clockwork Orange to make them realize how bad they are.

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Hi Eric, we are working on the video resolution.

Try this link and let me know if this is clearer for you.


Ummm that link is to a PTP700 webinar... BUT, that webinar does look much much better!

ok. thanks. let me put the ePMP webinar into the dip machine now.

OK Try the ePMP Transition webinar now at the same link.

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Much better Ray, I can actually read text now! Thank you!!

We will reformat more over the coming days. Glad to get this fixed.

I'm not sure why, but some frames are really blurry and most others are great. Also, when I resize from in a window to full screen it will sometimes be really blurry and if I click the video playback bar the video quality will reset and become good looking again. Not sure if this has something to do with the video playback app, or my browser (Chrome) or what.

Checking it out now.

I just re-watched it and went back to some of the frames that were fuzzy and now they're no longer fuzzy. I think there might be some sort of scaling issue with the video playback app. It's especially prevelant when transitioning between window and full screen modes.

thanks Eric. 

I think we have it now. Check out the replay HERE.

OK - that looks good.  :)  Now, if you can go back and re-encode all the rest of the Webinar Archives, that'd be awesome. :)

we are working on that.