Translation Bridging

The new translation bridging feature has the potential to be a very useful feature. There are a couple issues though:

First, the User Guide states “the AP populates the Translation Table tab of its Statistics web page”. The Translation Table page is on the SM, not the AP.

Second, the User Guide states “not more than 10 IP devices at any time are valid to send data to the AP from behind the SM.” I wasn’t sure if that meant 10 devices (MAC addresses) or 10 IP addresses. I did some testing and found out, much to my disapointment, that it means 10 IP addresses. The documentation should say “10 IP addresses” not “10 IP devices”.

Where did the limit of 10 IP addresses come from? Since this feature is enabled on an AP-wide basis, that makes this potentially very useful feature unavailable to anyone that has customers using anything larger than an 8-address subnet. Is there good logic behind the 10 IP address limit? Can it easily be increased to something more reasonable like 32?

Thinking through this some more, another thing that makes the translation bridging feature a no-go is remote access points. Other than being more secure since no SM can send packets from an unknown MAC address, is there a good reason for the translation bridging feature to have to be enabled AP-wide? If we could configure it on an SM basis, that would solve this issue.