Transmit Power 450m and 450b

Does anyone have a chart showing what the max TX power is on the different 5ghz bands for the Medusa and 450b?  I am not sure if cambium goes off of FCC max limits or if each platform has x limits based on FCC acceptance?

Hello, I'm not sure if a document like this exists.  I would recommend using our LINKPlanner application for the most accurate RF information.  Also, the device GUI won't allow you to violate FCC EIRP, assuming that you enter in all the information (i.e. antenna gain).  In the case of PMP450m and PMP450b, they are integrated antennas, so they won't violate FCC EIRP by default. I've attached a demo LINKPlanner file that I use as a reference for looking up information like this.

There are different rules for the AP's versus SM's, and even EIRP differences within the frequency bands themselves (i.e. 5.1GHz).  In general, AP and SM configuration parameters are going to be at maximum EIRP for the FCC band limit (PMP450m dynamically manages this due to the nature of the beamforming and antenna elements).  LINKPlanner will show you the hardware grant restriction EIRP levels (applies to SM's), but our integrated radios will not allow you to violate FCC EIRP for the band.

Some useful links, somewhat on topic:

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In addition, these limits are listed in the User Guide (which can be downloaded from here), in Section 9, starting on page 9-62.  You can see the max EIRP by country for every frequency in which it's allowed...