Transmit Power in CnPilot 400

dear all member or support Cambium network,

i have cnPilot E400 i want to set transmit power to 30dbm but still can not

i have try EU country such like Germany,UK,US, turkey only can use 16dbm, i try other just only 28 dbm in Band 2,4Ghz

can anyone tell me which regulation country can use until 30dbm for transmit power ?

Most of the EU countries are restricted with regulatory limitations and hence configuration of max power is also limited .

Here is an information on allowed Transmit power for differnt countries . 

They are in miiliwats unit .

Could you give us more information as to why you need that much output power from the E400?

In my view, there is not much point doing it, since most devices connected to the AP will not be able to transmit with more than 14 (cellphones) and 18(laptops) dbm of power, and WiFi must be capable of Bi-directional communication to work.

Even if you disregard all the "regulatory" part of why not to do it, high TX power would not extend the coverage range of the AP, because that is not really defined by how far the AP can transmit to, but rather by how far can the clients respond from. 

There is also the part where the TX power must go down for the higher modulation rates to work(802.11AC), so the most likely outcome of a 30dbm setting is reduced troughput capacity.

you can make use below 2 cli to see max power on each country channels on Cambium Wi-Fi APs

show wireless radios channels <2 character county code>

show country-codes ---- To get country code values 

High TX power increases the range and clients also need to transmit at high power if they are far away from AP. When we need to establish mesh link between 2 APs, which are far from each other, we can make use of higher TX power configuration on APs

at my place i try tx power 23 dbm , the device get the signal is good but latency always 1000 ms sometimes  rto , but the sigjnal get 4 bar when rto if the concurrent 23 i'm using contry code other , it get just 28 dbm for power from AP,channel width using 20 Mhz and channel 13 ,i'm using cnpilot tools to scan clear channel , it show that 13 is good for us using. but some devide still can not get good signal if not using 30dbm,

will all users advice me which the better one to make it power 30dbm for AP cnpilot, cause i have 3 AP in one building

there are different power, 1st floor 28dbm, 2d floor 25 dbm , 3floor 28 dbm in 2,4ghz band


Please share the country in which you are operating the AP.  We will see what the MAX power we can configure for the country.

The MAX allowed power on E400 is 

28 dBm in 2.4 GHz and 25 dBm in 5 GHz. It has 5 dBi internal antenna gain. The total power from AP will 

2.4 GHz 28 + 5 = 33 dBm

5 GHz 25 + 5 = 30 dBm

Total power from AP will be RADIO Power + Antenna Gain 

Antenna gain is fixed, in the UI status you will always see radio assigned power in your case 28 dBm 

You can get the max power Using Other as the country code.  In  Configuration -> system