Trouble with Access Pending in cnMaestro

Hello, a few days ago, I have autorized a new user in a cnMaestro Account.

The new user received de email to sign in cnMaestro. He follow the procedure and logged in, but today still apeears this message when he wants to log in cnMaestro.

Had Anyone this trouble? Which solution do you recommend?

(I edited your post to remove screenshots containing email addresses)

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. This is due to Restricted Party Screening. I have notified the account approval team and the account should be unblocked soon.

If you hear of any other users who have the same problem, please encourage them to use the “contact account approval team” form for the fastest possible resolution.

Good Morning, thanks for you fast and clear response!!!

Recently, the user has told me than he could access normally.


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