Troubles with PrizmEMS 2.0 installation

I have a problem with licensig in Prizm for windows, the file *.lic is not activate with DOS command, with command line: lmutil lmreread -vendor motocnpy -all generate a error…

with the command line: lmutil lmstat -a -c, the answer is some like that: “the license file cannot UP” and ever time the server is down… in the prizm managment cosole…

The command is actually:
lmutil lmreread [-c licfile] [-vendor name] [-all]
So it looks as though you need to put in the -c <licensefile path> to complete the command. Mine is on linux so I can’t be of much help as to what the path should be. I also don’t know anything about windows path vars for executables so you may need something there. It sounds like it is calling lmutil so probably not. Try that. You likely have already fixed it by now.