Trunking Vlan random feature

Hello Cambium network teams,

I want to raise one feature regarding to Trunking multiple vlan as following

I do example as if I tagged VLAN 10, 20, 30 ( trunking multiple vlan ) on SSID and when it’s lose internet connection then this SSID will automatically switch to native Vlan 1 default, this feature is always insure internet connection from Switch L2/L3 devices provide.

I expect this feature release soon because I have more other site using Cambium E410 but no Switch L2/L3 to do Trunk Vlan.

Thank you very much

For security reasons, this is not a very smart solution.

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I want to get this VLAN feature because our other network site don’t have Switch L2/L3 for VLAN Trunking, then VLAN 1 still available same SSID after tagged, speak general VLAN 1 will be default when other VLAN not available or no internet connection.

Building such functionality costs several thousand dollars, if not more. As I wrote above, this is extremely inconsistent with corporate security policies.

Sorry, but for one person no one will take up such a challenge, it will be cheaper to buy a managed switch for $ 100-200

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