Try to onboard on premises device to cloud cnmaestro


Recently I am using on-premises cnmaestro, today i like to migrate all my device to cloud cnmaestro. i finding problem that cloud cnmaestro not accepting to onboarding the device.

Remove on premise cnmaestro URL from AP config. I think u shold do it manually :slight_smile:

I did that but it didn’t work? I think if the device first uses on-premises it cannot be used on cloud cnmaestro. Please correct me if I am wrong?

We migrated 100 decvices frOm on premise to cloud without any problem. Except URL, can your device reach (ping) (does your device has DNS)?

When you enter serial number on cloud what happened? Waiting for approval? Or error before that.

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Make sure you are not using dhcp to point to the on prem server.
Option 43 or 15.
The problem is that devices will look for CnMaestro in order. Cloud URL is last in the list so if a device gets a IP address and an option 15 or 43 URL, it will never go to cloud.

Below is the priority of cnMaestro selection:

  • Static

  • DHCP Options

  • Cloud

Please check if static and DHCP are configured on device.

If “” is manually configured as static values, it will still consider as last value in state machine of discovering cnMaestro.

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