Trying to assosiate more than 4 nodes to site

I cant add a new V1000 to my V5000. I get this message:
trying to assosiate more than 4 nodes to site:…

3 V1000 Nodes are running.
Firmwareversion of V5000: 1.2.1

What´s wrong?

Each of the five nodes are at different physical location atleast few meters apart, correct ?
Please create a separate site (with GPS coordinate) for each node.

How can i make few sites for one V5000??

And, i dont want to make more sites, because i don’t like the overview and cant find anything!!
One V5000 can have up to 30 clients!! So, i make one site with 30 clients!!

And where can i insert the GPS coordinates in the V1000?? I couldnt find these parameter!

Hi Dirk_Westphal
Just to make sure that we are clear regarding the term used. A site is like a tower - or a pole. you don’t usually have many radios installed physically on the same pole or same tower. If you are doing it this way, what is the point of wireless? So you usually have radios at separate location (sites). Hope this help.

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Hello @Dirk_Westphal,

Have you taken a look at the guides on the Cambium Learning website (Loading). Once you setup your initial POP/DN Site you can then expand out from that.

That does include putting 30 CN but you do have to set that up as 30 sites and connect those sites to the DN (V5000).

To make it easy there is a drag and drop on the Add Site (demo’d in the video) this will auto enter the GPS coordinates for all the sites and devices.

For those devices that have a GPS built in it will update the GPS co-ordinates if the accuracy is greater.

Please note a Site can have more than one device but unless you are bridging unit together, two V5000’s back to back or Relay mode with a V3000 and V5000. You should have a separate site per node.

I hope the videos help explain this.

Chiming in here
We have a situation where we are installing clients in large industrial buildings. Each building might be 500’ long with 10 or 18 tennants. We had planned on creating a “site” with the address of the building and adding nodes for each client. According to this thread, we will need to create a Site for each client. The definition of a site as a tower works in the case of a DN location, but in the case of a commercial customer, there might be several antennas on one address. Is there any workaround for this, or plans to change the designation? As several people have stated, this gets very messy when you start getting hundreds of customers…

Site just needs a unique GPS coordinate. Even if its few meters away, would work. In the cnMaestro map it would look lot better and also management becomes easy. Example: Individual link status on maps will be visible if CNs are on a separate site.