Trying to bridge WAN and LAN/WLAN with a VLAN

Running the latest Firmware.

We have an external DHCP Server, And need to Bridge the INTERNET \ WAN to a VLAN. Require DHCP PassThrough. We are trying to avoid a double NAT

We Run a seperate VLAN for MANAGEMENT and have configured to VLAN, which is working, I obtain an IP from my management VLAN.

And another VLAN 50 for VOICE, which I have configured which is obtaining an IP from Router on VLAN 50.

I cannot get the DHCP PassThrough to work, I have bond the interfaces on the R201 to the WAN and set to Bridge with DHCP PassThrough and set my VLAN ID. But no joy. 

I have attached Config Image


Please send the device configuration file to us (Email id: if you are facing any issue while configuring the device.