Trying to bridge WAN and wireless ssid1 with a Vlan

So I have a network design that requires me to have a segment pass through a customer router to the wireless and tag that traffic as it comes from the wireless device. (IPTV)

I have tried to make a secondary service using bridge and dhcp passthrough with vlan enabled using vlan 89 but it doesn't seem to work.. I've tried many configs, but do no dice..

Am I asking to much of our little 201?

My MT routers can do this, so I may just have to use those if not :(

Please send network diagram which will help me to understand requirements.



I don't have one.

I need the 201 to act like a normal router with Static or PPPoE WAN IP information while handing out LAN DHCP to clients on the lan using no VLAN (this works obviously).

In addition, I need to bridge the WAN and wireless SSID1 (one of the virtual SSIDs) while using VLAN tag 89 for that traffic.

I have followed what instructions I can find in order to do this. But, at the moment it doesn't seem like it is working. I am going to look a bit further in to my network to make sure I'm not missing a vlan setting else where. But, with another router set up like this (a mikrotik) it is working.

Hi Tristan,

Hope i understood your requirement.

You can do this following below steps, attached screenshot as well.

1. Have to create "MANAGEMENT_INTERNET_VOICE" WAN in static or PPPoE mode without vlan and you have to unselect SSID1 in port binding at the bottom.

2. Have to create "Other" WAN in bridge mode with vlan and you have to select only SSID1 here.

Now your SSID1 traffic alone will be bridged, other SSID's and LAN traffic will be NAT'ed.

Hi Tristan,

Above solution will work with firmware release 4.3.3-R4 and later release.