Trying to move to cnMaestro cloud from On-Premesis


We only have a small number of Cambium devices, about 8 PMP450i radios (one AP and 7 subscribers). We are trying to minimize our number of servers and so I would like to shut down our internal on-premesis cnMaestro and move this small number of devices to the cloud.

I’ve created a new full cloud instance of cnMaestro in addition to our existing anchor account. I’ve gone into the PMP450i AP and reconfigured it for the cloud URL and cloud cambium ID and onboarding key, but I’m getting an error message in the device UI:

“Anchor account does not support device onboarding”

But I’m not trying to use the anchor account, I’m putting in the Cambium ID for the cloud account, it is a bit different. However, in the “AccountID” field in the web interface, I’m still seeing the ID for the anchor account linked to our on premises instance. I am therefore guessing that the issue is that it is still remembering the old AccountID. How do I fix this?

I got it working - had to remove the devices from the old on-premesis one.

Also, I had to allow the device not only to get to but also the specific url shown in my instance,