Trying to understand ePMP2000


We're about to deploy 3-5 towers with new ePMP2000 gear, and I cant find (or cant understand) how it all works with the sector antenna and? or? beam forming antenna

Do I need to get the 3 (ePMP2000 radio+sector panel+beam forming anntena) or the radio + one of them?

Sorry for  the probably very dumb question.

If you want beam forming, you’ll need four per tower. The beam form is a hard 90 degrees. The beam antenna goes underneath the sector antenna.

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Are you deploying in an area with high levels of interference and/or a site with lots of other 5GHz AP's? Based on how you answer this question will determine what ePMP products I'd recommend purchasing.

The 2000 shines when used in noisier environments due to it's RX and TX filtering design, which helps deal with adjacent channel interference. The optional beam steering anetenna or BSA can be used to help increase uplink SnR from clients, and decrease cochannel interference occuring on the uplink. It's recommended that you purchase the Cambium OEM 90/120deg sector antenna when using the BSA. Both the sector antenna and BSA are designed to be used with one another.

If you're not dealing with a noisy site or area, you may want to start off with the 1000 GPS AP and the new 90/120 antenna and see how it performs. You can always swap out at a later time, as both the 1000 and 2000 are compatible.

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Contact myself or another distributor. We can help answer all of these questions. Based on your specific deployment there are many different ways to approach this.