Turn indicator lights off (LEDs) ePMP 1000

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I would like to know if it is possible to deactivate the LEDs that indicate the signal strength, as in the Mikrotik radios


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Me gustaría saber si es posible desactivar los LEDs que indican la intensidad de la señal, igual que en los radios Mikrotik



For now it is not possible to disable LED indication for Signal strength.

Could you please share what is the reason you'd like to diactivate it?

Thank you.

Thanks for answering.

The reason is simple, is to pass unnoticed. I have a base in a community where they forced to turn off the radios at night and the only thing that says they are turned on are the LEDs. With the Mikrotik radios in a click was solved but not with the ePMP.


Have you considered electrical tape?  :)


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It was the second thing that happened to me in mind since I thought it could be done as in the Mikrotik radios, the question is that the base is 200Km and doing it remotely was the idea... Although this was a command line.


It would also mean switching off the LED for me, because my base station is on solar panels, so it would reduce electricity consumption, which is a problem for me in winter.

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Nothing saves energy by turning off the LEDs. Consumption is negligible.
The LED that is most likely in some PWM mode consumes about 2mA. The voltage is about 2V depends on the color of the light. Consumption is about 4 mW per LED It is not worth the effort to turn it off.


I would also like the option to turn off the LEDs. Most of the other radio gear we’ve used has that option. There are a number of reasons - sometimes the light simply annoys the home owner or the neighbor. If it’s possible to turn them on/off via software, then that feature absolutely should be added to the GUI.

However, power/electrical usage isn’t one of the reasons. The most power hungry of your typical little LED’s use about 17 mA of power max (or less), so on a Solar Power site, that won’t amount to anything. Even a single 12v battery would run an LED like that for about 6 months. :slight_smile:


The only reason I would want those lights off is if a client asked (which happens) and we have white electrical tape for that.

Our solar sites are setup so that the battery run time is sufficient to handle the worse case consumption ofbthe radios attached (60w per radio) with panels setup to provide enough to both run the tower and recharge the batteries with only 6hrs of overcast sky. We have enough storage to run for days and after a few bad recharge days to can take a few good days to get back to fully charged.
We mitigate available charge hours by using multiple arrays faced to maximize daylight hours. Our worst tower has three arrays facing east, south and west providing 1kw each charging a 500ah 24v battery (Rolls-Surrette rs series locomotive batteries make good tower batteries!)

Is there an option to turn off LED yet?

Its just a nice to have and sometimes people do not like blinking lights all night.

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It is not implemented yet. Other users suggest sticky tape as a workaround