Turning off WLAN Scheduled Access policy on cnMaestro

Ih there,

I've some issue while trying to deactivate th Scheduled Access policy on my WLAN settings: after cleaning all the start/end time setting to desactivate the focntionnality, an error messasge is telling me: "need to have a time written in first case" (sunday start time) while saving the new WLAN configuration.

Am i doing it wrong to deactivate the functionnality?


i think this is the cnfg issue, which we should fix it. the work around is

cnfg value like early morning 00:15 am to late night 11:59 pm for each day or

map new wlan with old cnfg 

Thanks! i'll do that.

It is planned to address in the upcoming release 2.4.1.


if you are using cloud version cnMaestro, the issue has been fixed. you can try it out.