Turning up 3G Medusas in our Network

The company I work for is getting into the 3G world. We have multipe towers with 5GHz that we are changing over to 3GHz Medusas in hopes of getting more customers through light foliage. Through some testing I have seen some improvement but not a drastic one. Anyone out there had luck with this?

Works fairly well for light foliage but if it gets thicker you lose MU-MIMO pretty quickly. it also does not penetrate as well as the old WiMAX equipment.

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We’ve replaced all of our old LTE 3GHz gear with PMP450 and couldn’t be happier. We swapped out around 200 or so clients with varying degrees of light to heavy non-LOS and we were able to get all but like 1-2 clients successfully moved over. Some of the shots that we converted were super heavy dense forest several miles from the AP. The 2 that we couldn’t move over had such low signals on LTE that they should have never been installed in the first place.

After the swap we were very pleased with the increased performance over LTE, and the ease of use with CBRS.


Does the CBRS cambium 450i AP work with other (greenjacket, siemens ext)3.65 subscribers or will we be required to replace everything?

The 450 line is proprietary to Cambium. 3rd party clients cannot be used with the system.