TV White space

For those of you who are not aware the FCC is looking at opening up unused spectrum that is normally used by TV broadcasters. This spectrum is pretty valuable real-estate since it can penetrate walls and trees etc. Also in rural areas such as where i’m from there is only one PBS station being broadcast. this means that there is a lot of RF going unused. Motorola in addition to other wireless hardware providers have developed cognitive radios that similar to DFS but smarter can detect and avoid licensed TV broadcasters while still allowing us to use the “white space” in-between.

There is a letter writing campaign to help push the FCC and congress to allow us to use this spectrum. Motorola has made it easy by offering pre-made letters for operators and your customers to send to their congressperson and senators in addition to the FCC.

Here’s the link:

please pass on the word.

I read that the 700Mhz used by the TV Broadcasts has already been divided up and sold off.

TV white space is channels 5 through 51.

The 700Mhz spectrum that the FCC recently auctioned off is channels 52 to 69. … ndPlan.pdf

I think this will happen somewhere in the future.

Companies pushing this idea have failed twice on the FCC test for local interference on adjacent channels.

IEEE working group is working on the protocol 802.22. This will take some time, WiMax is not quite done yet! ( 802.16e )

It could happen a lot sooner if we pressure congress and the FCC. right now they are mostly hearing from the National Broadcasters Association that this will interfere with TV broadcast and shouldn’t even be attempted.


If they don’t hear from us then they are less likely to approve these radios because the National Broadcasters Association has an extremely large army of lobbyist and very deep pockets.

Instead of posting back to this thread please take the time instead to download the letters, print them out, sign your name, and mail them so that our voice is heard.

Look what we’ve been able to do with the limited spectrum we have available. now imagine having all that TV spectrum that can penetrate walls, trees, buildings etc. in addition to having more spectrum in crowded markets so we can continue to operate and prosper without interfering with each other.

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