Two 5.7 sm that are showing nothing in spectrum analysis

I have 2 5.7 SM that when I run spectrum analysis at each one, they show a -84db at one and a -91db level at the other on all freqs. I have taken another known good sm at the same location and this one shows activity on several of the freqs. I have upgraded both to 8.2.2…Anyone seen this? Also I have taken these to my AP site and the do not see traffic from the AP…Any clues other than rma? Thanks much…


Try factory default and reconfigure.

Have done the factory reset and still no go…

I have many 5,7 SM units which have bad or no receiver sesitivity.
Some of them are repaired with changing the antenna switch iside radio.
Some of them have IF mixer damaged and it is impossible to find spare part for that repair.