Two Epmp with a single sector

for reasons of space on the tower I cannot install a new sector, but I need to add a new Epmp 2000.

I have seen

In this way I can install two EPMP 2000s with only one sector.

Does anyone have experience with this product?


So first off, I'd avoid getting a dual slant 5ghz sector. Unless you have a specific reason for using one, I'd stick to H/V sectors, like THIS ONE. But installing this sector begs the question, why not just use ePMP 3000 and it's OEM antenna, which has smaller dimensions? It's basically like haveing two radios on one antenna, and you get the benefits of 256QAM and MU-MIMO. Or if you wanted to save even more space, why not use 2 e2k's or e3kL's with horn antennas?

Is the problem you don't have vertical space, or that you only have 1 leg/pole to mount on, or that whomeever controls the location only wants to see one more antenna?

Hi @Eric Ozrelic thanks for the reply, the main reason is that from the contract with the owner of the pylon I cannot include a new sector, I will try a solution with him to install two horns of rfelements. Thanks

Is there any mu-mimo gain of having a EPMP3K AP with EPMP1k SMs ?

@roanwifi wrote:

Is there any mu-mimo gain of having a EPMP3K AP with EPMP1k SMs ?

There are no MU-MIMO benefits for N clients. However, once you start adding AC clients, you may start to see MU-MIMO gains. Also, N clients will see a slight signal increase due to 4x4 MIMO, and a slight speed increase due to LDPC optimizations and if short GI is enabled.

If you are looking for high density with a small footprint, you might want to consider looking at the 450m also known as the Medusa. It has multiple "radios" broken into smaller beam segments so you can pack a lot more customers onto one sector. You get the most benefit out of it if you have SMs distributed throughout the entire footprint of the coverage area. Think of it as eight 12 degree sectors crammed into one nifty package.

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Not real familiar with the 3000 series sector so maybe someone in the know will chime in, but couldn't a person connect 2  1000, 2000 or 3000L APs to a 3000 sector ? 

I would put up a 3000 Sector and connect two 3000L's to it, and start installing new customers, and repairs that replace the radio, with AC clients and slowly convert the thing over to AC.


Put a 3000 Sector up with a 3000 AP and (as was suggested to me on this forum regarding a MU-MIMO and an Omni) start swapping my heaviest users over to AC client radios (allowing MU-MIMO with the AC clients and thus increasing the number of clients that sector can handle). New installs and repairs that replace the radio would all be AC radios and swapping other clients over to AC when they need faster speeds.  When you reach the point where you need to change over to AC hopefully most  of the radios are already AC !

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It is definitely doable to connect a pair of 1000, 2000 or 3000L APs to a 3000 sector, but you will need to craft some type of a mounting bracket and you might need special pig tails. So it is not exactly out of the box installation.

I would stick with the second option going the full-blown ePMP3000 route with the Force300 clients.