Two-Factor Authentication - CnMaestro Cloud dashboard

Hi All,

Just wondering when Cambium will consider implementing two-factor authentication for its CnMaestro Cloud Dashboard and various other products that are cloud-based. Tried a search online and in the cloud portal we use on how to enable it, but got nowhere. Looks like the feature has never been thought of, by anyone.


Yes I miss the 2F auth too

So, they had it before, but removed it? Doesnt make sense, especially when everything with a password is heading in the path of 2F Auth. I wonder if they are planning on bringing it back.

As Cambium gets more and more enterprise traction they will have to seriously consider adding this.Even a basic send unique short lived code to email address is better than nothing.

Ideally you’d want something that integrates with Authy/Google Authenticator.