Two-Factor Authentication - CnMaestro Cloud dashboard

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Just wondering when Cambium will consider implementing two-factor authentication for its CnMaestro Cloud Dashboard and various other products that are cloud-based. Tried a search online and in the cloud portal we use on how to enable it, but got nowhere. Looks like the feature has never been thought of, by anyone.


Yes I miss the 2F auth too

So, they had it before, but removed it? Doesnt make sense, especially when everything with a password is heading in the path of 2F Auth. I wonder if they are planning on bringing it back.

As Cambium gets more and more enterprise traction they will have to seriously consider adding this.Even a basic send unique short lived code to email address is better than nothing.

Ideally you’d want something that integrates with Authy/Google Authenticator.

Really surprised that this isn’t included. Should at least have the option for OTP or FIDO2 security key support.

Given the recent stuff going on after the Ubnt hack.
Can we please have a look at this ?

We are actively working on this and should have something to announce soon.

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Are you actively working on U2F keys? SSO?

Hi @TECHSTATIC, welcome to the community.

The first implementation will be TOTP (applications like Google Authenticator, Authy etc.). We may look at U2F/WebAuthn further down the line, but I think TOTP is worth doing first as most people already have TOTP-capable devices.

As for SSO against external providers, we have had some early discussions about this, but we don’t have any concrete plans right now.

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This is now available:

Please give it a try and post any feedback over in the #products:cnmaestro forum.

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