Two Force 300-25 L Devices used like PTP around 20 kms distance

Hello, I have used two Force 200-25L devices, to mount a PTP wireless link between sites around 20 kms.

I could not get more performance than this (i add these attachment files):

I have tried and tested different frequencies, and the results were de same.

Could be two Force300-25 a better solution?

Signal level is “okay” but your modulation is terrible, running SS instead of DS. Looks like you have a lot of interference. I would suggest trying other frequencies or stepping back to a 20 Mhz channel. On a F200 with good modulation you should be close to 100x100 in a 20 Mhz channel.


Hello @Riverrat Thanks so much for your repply! I am considering to re alignment de Antennas, I have tested all the possibles frequencies, and de results are the same. The wire seems well.
I will share the results after realign the antennas.

I dont know why Chain 1, haves bad RSSI and of course worse SNR.

These are the signal parameters in the AP device. The anothers were of the Slave device.