Two V3000 in the same site

Is possible to connect two V3000 at the same coordinates on the same V5000 access point

Ashraf, Link Planner will not allow you to do that. It gives a warning that the 2 links are not separated by 20 degrees, and reduced performance will result. The issue will be that the beamforming at the v5000 will not be able to separate both v3000’s, so self interference will be high.
If you can separate the v3000’s horizonally, it may be possible to to set the azimuth of the v5000 so that one V3000 is on sector one, and the other v3000 is on sector 2, using different channels, and golay codes. If the reason you are doing this is bandwidth requirements, I’d use a v3000 PTP (one unit mounted with the v5000 location, and the remote v3000 at your subscriber’s location, then bond 2 channels together, and use structured cabling to feed both subscribers. That way, your subs can share 2.6 Gb/s instead of sharing 1.7 Gb/s between all the v5000 connections.
Hope this helps.

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