TX 2012RP losing GPS sync

Hi I have 2 TX 2012RP switches that are both going into “not in sync” on their own… using cnpulse antenna for both…

One switch is running 4.3r3 and other is 4.2.1r5, only fix is disabling and then enabling cnPulse power state and it returns to In sync…

I do have one TX 2028RFP using cnPulse antenna and have had zero issues, its running 4.2.1r5

Any advice/insight would be awesome

Anyone? @cambium? I really want to use the cnpulse/sync included in the switch as I saw improvements on the sector radios when it works…but it is to frequent that it becomes “not in sync” and its quite annoying to keep having the AP stop transmitting to the SMs.

@Jonchau @johnmead-CN any updates on this?

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We have not heard issues from others of a connected cnPulse to a TX2K switch having intermittent In-Sync status.
Once power is enabled to the cnPulse, which you have, and the GPS module has established a satellite lock to the constellation, the TX2K will receive the valid sync pulse and generate the “In-Sync” status.

There are a couple things you can check in your cnPulse installation:

  1. Ensure that the location of the cnPulse has a clear view of the sky.
    Overhead trees or surrounding buildings could impede a sold satellite lock.

  2. A typical satellite lock should have a similar GPS status (notice the number of satellites in view, and in use):

    For a cnPulse installed in a blocked or partially blocked location, you will notice a reduced number of Satellites in View.
    This could cause a intermittent loss of the sync signal, as the cnPulse loses the satellite lock.

A suggested remedy would be to relocate your cnPulse to a higher location or to a spot for a clearer sky view.

v4.3r3 is the latest SW release, which includes the Cambium Sync fix that now properly reads and displays the GPS data from both “old” (pre-2021) and “new” (post 2021) cnPulses.
Prior to v4.3r3, the TX2K could not properly display the GPS data on the “new” cnPulse due to its internal FW differences.

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@Jonchau Thank you for your reply… both switches that are experiencing this issue are both connected to a cnPulse that has excellent clear sky view, both tower locations are very remote with zero trees or buildings by them.

Both locations do the exact same thing, the sync pulse is enabled, works great and then randomly goes to not in sync… I disable and then enable the cnpulse power state and then it goes back to In-Sync, until the next random not in sync comes along. Both sites have epmp 3000 radios set to cmm in radio config page… Please advise

This is the switch that is running 4.3r3…

But it still goes to not in sync even with these stats.

@Jonchau any update/insight?

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