TX 2012RP Rebooting

Hi all, I have a TX 2012RP rebooting itself randomly. This site has 4 epmp 3000 radios all powered by the switch, x1 450m 3Ghz and x1 Force 400c. The site is AC and the 450m and Force 400c are not powered by the switch. Had a Maestro notification for the loss of GPS sync on the 450m and the online time and uptime for the switch and the epmp 3000 radios were all the same, 3hrs… notification came via email at 3:30am and I logged onto Maestro at 6:30am.
I know that power was not lost as the 450m and 400c did not have an online/uptime counter reset… and we have seamless battery back up power for the site.

Anyone encounter this… switch is running 4.3r3 , thanks!!

Anyone @cambium have any insight?

Here is a pic of the summary page…


I am going on 1hr since last hiccup and the summary page shows the reason why. The issue is not my sites AC power as I have a 450m and a 400c at the site using the appropriate AC power supplies for the units and they have been running fine with no power issues.

If you’re looking for replies from Cambium, you really need to raise a support ticket. Although there are a few Cambium regulars on here, it’s not a formal support channel.

Hi Simon, ticket was raised in the past with no resolution. I will put in another one. Seeing if anyone has had this happen. I have seen other forum users use @cambium in threads and they have gotten help insight from Cambium in their threads. I am aware this is not a formal support channel. Thank you for your time.

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No problem :slight_smile:

For the record, mentioning @cambium does not do anything special. It was the account name of a non-cambium-employee user, who would have been receiving all these notifications and not known what to do with them. They hadn’t logged into the site for years though, so I have disabled the account and blocked the @cambium handle from being reused.