TX Spacing PTP810

Hi, all,

I need help to get information about TX Spcaing on PTP810, can we change TX Spacing from 154MHz to 161MHz without replacing hardware? because device already installed on site. 

Maybe any solution or somebody have same case and resolved it.


Thanks for your question. Since software release 810-01-10, it is possible to configure PTP 810 Tx Frequency and Rx Frequency independently. There is only a question of whether the frequencies you need to use are in the ODU's (Outdoor Unit) supported specturm.

  • What is yourrequired operating frequencies for the link with the new 161 MHz spacing?
  • Which ODUs are you using?
  • What is your required bandwidth?

Thank you

I have 12 unit ODUs  7GHz bandwidth 14MHz and TX Spacing fix at 154MHz it cant be changes. while regulation in my country tx spacing must be 161MHz.

can you send me software 810-01-10 version, i hope this case solved as soon as possible 

thanks for attantion and your cooperation

warm regards

Imam Muftadi


Software version is located at our software download site: https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/ptp810/ .  The most recent release is 01-40

Dear Cambium Team, I can’t download firmware because Chasis Serial Number is not in-warranty, as capture bellow. I hope you have any solution for problem solving immediately. Thanks


    I sent an email hoping I have the correct person to find a way to get you set up.