TX1012-P-DC Configuration backup

Just been informed there is no way to download a config backup from this switch, or back it up using cnMaestro.

I think this product is stuck in the 90s, as the only way to do it according to support is if we setup a TFTP server.

Currently cnMatrix supports configuration backup via TFTP and USB. Release 4.4 (Oct 2022) will support SCP. We will investigate support for HTTP/HTTPS in the future release.

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http/https should be bare minimum. But push config to cnMaestro would be ideal.



I believe that config from cnMaestro is incomplete, on my own device that I am doing a lab with, when I go “view existing configuration” I don’t see any power settings or password information come through.

Hello, please upgrade the switch to the latest 4.2.1 release. Which power settings are you referring? Thanks.

I honestly can’t believe there isn’t a download/upload config via browser option.

USB? Why is that even an option of first resort.

Why would SCP be a function that’s coming in Oct 2022 before http/https is added? This needs to be a function available soon for this switch to be taken seriously.

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I wish Cisco would be as easy as what you’ve currently got available for cnMatrix, though I do see the benefit of HTTPS config download over cnMeastro.

Hopefully this is a feature soon,


Secure copy capability will be available in the upcoming 4.4 release (early Aug.). SCP can be used for configuration backup/restore and software upgrade. In the meanwhile, TFTP/SFTP can be used.


Is there a reason why development seems to be so against web based backup and restore? All this effort is being put into SCP/TFTP/etc when web based is what mostly everyone wants.

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So how do you take a config downloaded from cnMaestro (spits out a txt file) and then upload it to a new device?

Any news on web-based backup / restore?

Hi, we will look into it.

Hi, The switch supports downloading and installing the configuration file that contains CLI syntax. Currently this can only be done via CLI command as shown below.

TX2028RFP# copy running-config tftp:///test