TX1012-P-DC Configuration backup

Just been informed there is no way to download a config backup from this switch, or back it up using cnMaestro.

I think this product is stuck in the 90s, as the only way to do it according to support is if we setup a TFTP server.

Currently cnMatrix supports configuration backup via TFTP and USB. Release 4.4 (Oct 2022) will support SCP. We will investigate support for HTTP/HTTPS in the future release.

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http/https should be bare minimum. But push config to cnMaestro would be ideal.

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I believe that config from cnMaestro is incomplete, on my own device that I am doing a lab with, when I go “view existing configuration” I don’t see any power settings or password information come through.

Hello, please upgrade the switch to the latest 4.2.1 release. Which power settings are you referring? Thanks.