TX1012-P-DC Low Voltage Shutoff

Does this product have a low voltage shutoff, e.g. if voltage drops below a specified value, the unit shuts down until voltage returns?

The current TX1012-P-DC does not have this capability. However we are discussing this feature internally and it is very likely we will move forward with this enhancement.

I look forward to v2.

Right now I can’t connect this directly to battery, I’ll need to put a low voltage disconnect module between the switch and the battery, at additional cost unfortunately.

It would also be great to be able to view voltage, current information also.

Yes, I agree with you that missing this functionality is unfortunate. As you’ve requested , when we address this issue we will also have the ability to view the current voltage, set thresholds and so on.

Has there been any progress with this? Is this a software fix or do you guys need to ship a “v2” version of this hardware?

@jessearcher is there anywhere stated what the low voltage threshold is for the
TX1012-P-DC? I am wondering if I am experiencing the same issue.

Maybe @johnmead-CN can give us an update