TX2000 series DC power supply leads

Are there documentation or wiring instructions specifically for the DC supplies? I can’t seem to find any.

I see 2 positive leads, 2 negative leads (do both sets need to be fully powered? Or is this for multiple/redundant DC input sources. Also, the Green w/Yellow “DC PoE Only” is for what?


I would also like some clarification on how this should be set up. I have been having issues and not sure if it is because the setup is incorrect.

Thank you.

All 3 DC input models of the CRPS (600W / 930W / 1200W) come with an included Power Cable, which has the mated connector end to that on the power supply itself.



  • MXCRPSDC1200A0



The 5-wire cable assembly is wired the following way (Note diagram is looking into the connector).

Even though there are 2x red “+” and 2x black “-“ wires on the cable, an astute customer may notice that the 600W/930W (on the left side of the photo) and 1200W (on the right side of the photo) CRPS do not connect to all the wires on the cable.

  • 1200W CRPS

  • 600W/930W CRPS

As long as the customer connects both Red (+) wires and Black (-) wires to their DC power source, then all will be fine.
Do note that as the CRPS is an isolated supply, it will support both Positive or Negative voltage input.
However, it does not support reverse polarity…… so the customer must wire correctly.
As an example, if the customer DC power source is 48V, then they would wire the CRPS as follows:

Now getting back to your question on the green wire.

Yes, it is confusingly labelled as “PoE Only”. This is really meaningless, and a remnant of the wiring labeling that was used on this Cable harness already in production by our vendor.

We are in the process of having the vendor change the green wire labeling to reflect “GND” as follows:

However, as we have already stocked many of these cables at a warehouse, it is anyone’s guess as to when the correctly labeled green wire will make to the customer’s hand.

As a note to the customer, the green Ground wire is not the same as the (-) black wire, as the power supply is isolated.

We are in the process of writing up a formal white paper on the DC CRPS.


Based on the diagrams if I was to use the 1200W would i be able to have each pair of pos/neg go to separate battery banks?

Did documentation end up getting written up about this? We’ve received the 600w module and it does appear one of the DC pairs serves zero purpose, i.e. it’s just needlessly taking up space, offers no redundancy benefit.

It would be much better if Cambium could ship a power cable/connector that just had a single set of earth/positive/negative wires.

I’m also wondering what the purpose of the grounding screw on the PSU is - should we be connecting a seperate earth to this or is connecting the earth wire that comes as part of the power cable/connector sufficient?