TX2021 RP going to default settings on its own

Hi all, I have a TX2021 RP putting itself to default settings. I have 4 epmp 3000 being powered via switch poe, 802.3, all 4 of the epmp 3000 are receiving sync from the switch as well. I also have a ubiquiti unit being powered via switch poe, 24v passive.

So what I am experiencing is that I lose sync because the cnPulse power state goes back to power-off from power-on. Also, the poe ports go back to the default 802.3, only reason I know this is happening because the one port that has the ubiquiti unit connected to it is going from 24v passive to 802.3.
My temporary solution has been to leave cnpulse power off and use the gps pucks for epmp 3000 and everything works fineā€¦ no hiccups. The port that powers the ubiquiti unit continues to stay at 24v passive.

Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated!