Type Approval and use of Frequency of WiFi 6E

OFCA Hong Kong has recently opened the frequency spectrum for WiFi 6E. Unlike other countries, OFCA Hong Kong only allows to use the frequency range of 5.925 – 6.425GHz for WiFi 6E AP only. The frequency range of 6.425 to 7.125GHz range is not permitted to use in Hong Kong.

Unlike other WiFi APs, type approval/type acceptance is under voluntary basis. But for WiFi 6E, type approval/type acceptance is required. This means that Cambium is required to apply type approval/type acceptance in Hong Kong before their WiFi 6E can be sold in the local market.

Pls see the following links from OFCA Hong Kong for more information:


Pls advise if Cambium is able to disable the frequency range of 6.425-7.125GHz frequency band so that type approval can be applied before selling in Hong Kong? Will Cambium consider to apply Type Approval/Type Acceptance in Hong Kong?

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@Tony_So thank you for the information. We see this with other countries that as they start to adopt and approve Wi-Fi 6E, they start by only allowing a small range of the frequency so we are familiar with limiting specific 6GHz channels for specific countries. For Hong Kong, we have already adopted the limitation of 5.955 – 6.415GHz for our WiFi 6E APs. We start at 5.955 as this is the first 6Ghz channel (channel 1) and end at 6415 (channel 93) as this is the upper end of the 160MHz channel group.


XE5-8-E00273(config)# show wireless radios channels hk

 Interface: radio2 Band=6GHz Country:HK
 1             5955            18        24
 5             5975            18        24
 9             5995            18        24
 13            6015            18        24
 17            6035            18        24
 21            6055            18        24
 25            6075            18        24
 29            6095            18        24
 33            6115            18        24
 37            6135            18        24
 41            6155            18        24
 45            6175            18        24
 49            6195            18        24
 53            6215            18        24
 57            6235            18        24
 61            6255            18        24
 65            6275            18        24
 69            6295            18        24
 73            6315            18        24
 77            6335            18        24
 81            6355            18        24
 85            6375            18        24
 89            6395            18        24
 93            6415            18        24

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Hi, Gary,

Thanks for your information.

May I know if it will have a different ordering code for the WiFi 6E AP with a the band limitation or requires the user to select the country code during set up for disabling the frequency band? FYI, OFCA HK may not allow the user to enable the upper frequency band (e.g. user may select other country code during set up to enable the upper band) . Therefore, may I know which method is used by Cambium to limit the use of the upper band?

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Hi Tony,

For Hong Kong you would order the FCC (US) regulatory model. Then country code set to Hong Kong will enforce the restriction for only allowing the channels permitted for Hong Kong.

Hi Gary,

Thanks. In this case, if user select country code that can use the whole band instead of country code of Hong Kong during set up, he/she may use the whole band instead of the lower band allowed. This is what we worry about and the WiFi 6E AP may not pass the type approval during the type approval process in this case.

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Hi, Gary,

We used to sell Cambium WiFi AP with RW models, may I know if the XE3-4 RW model also has the capability to enforce the restriction for only allowing the channels permitted for Hong Kong once we select the country code of Hong Kong? We expect our distributor will not keep the US model as stock for Asia market.

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