Type of Service Types will Use to Pass Traffic to Switches and to PTP 820G Radio hope

Hi Team can some one help me on to to configure my Service type and service point on the Cambium PTP 820G, where same traffic will pass to the next hop radio PTP 820G and same traffic will pass to the tower sites Switches, as shown in the diagram below.

PIPE service on IDU3 and IDU4
P2P service on IDU1, ETH3 SAP all-to-one, radio port SNP s-tag 10
MP service on IDU-2. ETH4, ETH3 SAP all-to-one, Radio Port SNP S-tag 10

Thanks Yonghaolin.

How many service ID that we need to have on IDU 1?, and IDU 3 and IDU 4 will have the P2P or MP service ID?, since we have 14 IDUs after IDU 4, but want the pass to the end node, and offload some traffic to Repeater cisco switches and same traffic will IDU to IDU (as shown on the Repeater site diagram). Noted that IDU 4 is on the Repeater site as well connected to IDU 5.

Hi Yonghaolin

Note That
Referring to the current diagram, our live traffic in from IDU 1 to 16 other IDU in series connection. Service ID 1, service point is PIPE to erthernet 3 and radio. But we want to offload same traffic on some of our repeater site.

The recommended configuration allows you to add/drop traffic at the relay sites via the switch connection.